MBA & Postgraduate Programs

Our postgraduate management education prepares students to operate at the frontier of business; providing a framework and a foundation for success in leadership across any function, in any country.

Flexible and practical, our programs are above all, an enriching educational experience. All courses link together to form an integrated pathway with the opportunity to progress from one to another, leading ultimately to the MGSM Master of Business Administration (MBA) – the same academic level at which we teach all our courses.

It’s an approach that has seen our MBA Program consistently ranked among the top 100 in the world ("The Economist FT MBA Survey 2013").


The QS Global 200 Business Schools Report for 2013-14 has found that MBA graduates from Australian business schools enjoy the highest starting salaries in the Asia-Pacific region.


The mgsm mba

“During my time at MGSM, I have pitched to venture capitalists and senior management, studied overseas, worked as a management consultant for a multinational organisation and contributed to M&A related research. MGSM is a hub of business knowledge, bridging management theory and practicality. My MGSM experience has provided me the perspective I need to conduct global business effectively.”

Rino J. Vangeli Full-Time MBA 2012