Master of Social Entrepreneurship

Macquarie Graduate School of Management and Macquarie University are proud to be co-delivering Australia's first Master of Social Entrepreneurship. Alongside other elite learning institutions around the globe, Macquarie University and MGSM offers its first cross-faculty degree, enabling students to gain knowledge and tools in areas that can help them make a difference to society.

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Program Structure

The program can be completed on a full-time basis in 18-months, and it is anticipated that part-time students will typically complete the program in 18-36 months, depending on study load.

The Master of Social Entrepreneurship includes 12 individual units of study (48 credit points). Five units are compulsory, core units that must be completed (three via MGSM and two via Macquarie University) and the remaining seven units are to be chosen, by the student, from an extensive list of almost 20 elective options, some of the most prominent are listed below:

  • Indigenous Interests and Identities
  • Culture, Commodities and Consumption
  • Anthropological Approaches to Economic Life
  • Social Impact Assessment and Cross Cultural Negotiation
  • Globalisation and Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Law
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Research Project

The use of elective units allows each student to tailor the program, developing knowledge in a chosen field, such as; the environment, social impact, education etc. 

who is it for?

The course has been designed for individuals who are passionate about social justice, creating social impact and assuring environmental sustainability. Whether you’re a social entrepreneur, leading a not-for-profit organisation, managing corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability within a business entity or governmental department, this degree will allow you to gain managerial tools and knowledge.
The Master of Social Entrepreneurship is designed for the following people:

  • Social entrepreneurs and people with work experience in a social enterprise
  • People working within (or seeking to work within) the not-for-profit sector
  • Individuals working on social issues within governmental agencies and departments
  • Professional working within the area of corporate social responsibility within a corporate entity.

Note: Students are required to possess an Australian Bachelor Degree (or recognised equivalent) and a minimum of two-years of relevant managerial or professional experience, and be able to demonstrate English proficiency in accordance with MGSM’s intake criteria.


The program is designed to develop leaders who are able to use business strategies, knowledge, tools and entrepreneurial spirit to address complex societal and environmental needs.
At the end of the program graduates will have developed the skills to:

  • Successfully develop and manage enterprises that have social impact
  • Conceive, innovate and implement projects to solve social and environmental issues
  • Develop a strategic plan to advance the vision and the mission of a social enterprise
  • Provide meaningful services to, and address, complex needs of communities around the globe
  • Understand and influence social policy
  • Manage resources to succeed in their social enterprise, such as paid and unpaid employees, markets and finances
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organisation
  • Evaluate performance of people, organisations and enterprises.


Prospective students should have an undergraduate degree and a minimum of two years’ relevant work experience (managerial or professional) for direct entry into this program.


MGSM term dates

Macquarie University session dates

What is social entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs can transform the business world; social entrepreneurs can transform society.

Social entrepreneurs design innovative solutions to social problems by applying business and management principles for financial sustainability, or even profit. As change agents social entrepreneurs find innovative ways to improve people's lives. As visionaries social entrepreneurs tackle complex missions from hunger relief and healthcare to biofuels.


As part of MGSM’s contribution to the social sector, the Master of Social Entrepreneurship has been subsidised by MGSM, and the cost per unit reduced (when compared to MGSM’s cost per unit within other programs, such as the Master of Management and MBA).

The fee per course unit will be $3,100.00. We suggest you also allow approximately $120 per course unit for textbooks.

Students who withdraw from the course unit after the census date will not be entitled to a refund of fees except in the case of exceptional circumstances.

Australian students will be charged on a term-by-term basis for the number of units enrolled in that term.

Temporary residents and international students must pay 25 per cent of the annual full-time fee in advance. The documentation you will need to apply for a student visa (the Confirmation of Enrolment) will be issued after we receive this payment.

FEE-HELP  is available to support eligible Australian students in paying tuition fees.

For information on any taxation benefits you may accrue from undertaking a full-fee paying program, consult your financial adviser.

Postgraduate Information Session

10 September 2014
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PwC Case Challenge Winners 2014

A team of MGSM students has been awarded a prestigious prize from PriceWaterhouseCoopers for its submission to the 2014 PwC ‘Case Challenge’.





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