About us

At MGSM, we develop leaders with a global mindset who create sustainable value and are good citizens. Graduates of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management not only do well, they do good; making an impact in the business world and beyond in ways that matter.

What matters is creating sustainable value for companies and communities; making contributions that benefit both business and society, and doing this in a way that has the interests of all in mind.

When this occurs, we all go further. Our graduates become leading professionals at the global frontier of business. Our corporations, governments, entrepreneurial ventures and not-for-profit organisations become more successful and better-equipped to make a difference. Our School achieves its mission.

Providing exceptional postgraduate management education that has supported this vision for over 40 years, via campuses in Sydney and Hong Kong, is what has seen MGSM become one of the world's best business schools.

Our vision

Our vision is to be Australia's premier graduate management school of leaders of business and the community with a global reputation for teaching and research.

Our mission

We provide internationally relevant post-experience graduate management education to enable people of high potential to become successful leaders who bring prosperity to their organisations and communities, and to support these objectives by combining rigour with relevance in the School’s research and teaching. Our degree programs embody values of professional practice and sustainability grounded in scholarship, with the aim of achieving assured learning outcomes, enhanced career opportunities for graduates, and an active, high calibre alumni network.

Our four mission-driven attributes form the basis of our management education program learning outcomes:


  • Graduates are able to develop alternative approaches to inspire, influence and guide others; they will learn skills such as giving meaningful and constructive feedback, and conducting performance reviews.
  • Graduates can design comprehensive organisational strategies that produce key leadership outcomes of effective change in order to maximise competitive advantage.

Global Mindset

  • Graduates can identify, analyse and practice how best to manage when faced with economic, institutional and cultural differences across countries.
  • Graduates will be able to articulate the value of a global mindset in organisational management. They will have the ability to understand and influence people with views unlike their own.

Creating Sustainable Value

  • Graduates can articulate and measure how the various aspects of operations of an entity integrate to create sustainable value for the entity, capturing innovation, risk, organisational architecture, marketing and business development.


  • Graduates can analyse and assess ethical, environmental and social impacts of their decisions and develop and implement strategies to minimise unintended consequences of their actions.
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