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Michael J. Aitken AM

Professor in ICT Strategy


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Tel: +61 2 8088 4200



Finance, Security Market Design, Market Integrity Assessment, Insider Trading, Market Manipulation, Front-running, High Frequency Trading


About Professor Michael J. Aitken AM

Professor in ICT Strategy

BBS (Honours 1) (Massey University), MBS (Massey University), PhD (UNSW)

Teaching Areas

  • Accounting, Economics & Finance

Research Area Affiliations

  • Finance

Research statement

Listed among the top 1000 authors publishing in the finance literature over the last 50 years, Professor Michael Aitken is passionate about building bridges between the University and international capital and health market communities with a particular interest in the design and deployment of fraud detection and market quality assessment systems.

Professor Aitken’s primary objective is to demonstrate that academics can play vital roles in value creation in the health and capital markets arena not only in terms of preparing and providing valuable human capital but by designing and deploying innovative software products that will lead to commercial return. His postgraduate students “learn by doing” in that they are integrally involved in the design and deployment of the software systems he has championed,

In recognition of his contribution to research he was awarded the Business Higher Education Roundtable (BHERT) award for Outstanding Achievement in Collaboration in Education and Training in a program over 3 years in duration in 1999. In 2010 he was named, Ernst and Young National ICT Entrepreneur of the Year, NSW ICT and Overall Exporter of the Year and the Prime Minister’s ICT Exporter of the Year for his work with the SMARTS markets surveillance system. He was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in June 2014 for his services to education and market surveillance and in December 2015 was included in Knowledge Nation 100, identifying him as one of Australia’s top innovators.

Contribution to management practice

Professor Michael Aitken is a well regarded entrepreneur who founded the CMCRC (, SIRCA ( as well as the SMARTS Group (, a private Australian company that set the standard in real-time market surveillance, recently sold to NASDAQ-OMX. He also established Lorica health ( a company providing fraud identification services in the health sector. He is also a principal in Capital Markets Consulting (, a business providing expert witness services to the capital market community

He has overseen the development of fraud detection technologies not only for securities markets, but also accounting and audit markets and in health insurance and general insurance ( markets. In recognition of his contributions to industry, in 2010 he was named E&Y ICT Entrepreneur of the Year and Prime Minister Exporter of the Year. He was also inducted as a member of the order of Australia in 2014 for his services to education and market surveillance.

As Chief Scientist of the CMCRC, he leads a team of over 30 academic and industry researchers and over 100 PhD students, in a world class PhD program across the disciplines of health, finance, engineering, computer science and information systems.

Media topics

  • Security market design
  • Market integrity assessment
  • Insider trading
  • Market manipulation
  • Front-running
  • High frequency trading


Journal articles

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