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Associate Professor Kyle Bruce

Director of Master of Management, Associate Professor in Management


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Tel: +61 432 200 238



Organisation Studies, Institutional Theory, Management History


About Associate Professor Kyle Bruce

Director of Master of Management,
Associate Professor in Management

BEc Syd, MCom (Hons) PhD W’gong

Teaching Areas

  • People & Organisations
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Professional Practice
  • Strategic Management
  • Managing Strategically

Research Area Affiliations

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Organisation Studies
  • Management History
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Marketing History

Research statement

Driving Dr Bruce’s diverse teaching competences, his research is fundamentally interdisciplinary.  Kyle does not believe one can understand organisations, their heritage and environment, their strategic activities and capabilities, or their internal and external participants and stakeholders from any one disciplinary perspective.

Management pedagogy

Managers are actually very good philosophers, inasmuch as they are capable of intuitively solving complex problems daily. Kyle believes that his job is to expose them to a range of interdisciplinary analytical toolkits that may assist them to be more reflective and formalise their problem-solving techniques.

Contribution to management practice

Kyle’s research speaks directly to managers’ ability to make sense of their ever changing environment, their ability to attract, inspire, energise, and retain talented staff, and their ability to engage in change. In addition, Kyle has contributed extensively to the practice of management through executive education teaching, including the following UK based companies: VocaLink, Dollond and Aitchison, Carillion, Biffa Waste Services, The SIMS Group, Siemens UK and IBM UK.

Media topics

  • Institutional theory in Management/Organisation Studies and Economics;
  • Business, Labour, and Management History;
  • History of Management and Economic Thought;
  • Evolutionary Economics and Business Strategy.


Journal articles

  • Groeger, L., Bruce, K. & Rolfe, I. (2018). Adapt fast or die slowly: complex adaptive business models at Cisco Systems. Industrial Marketing Management – Early View/Online First. DOI: 10.1016/j.indmarman.2018.12.002
  • Bruce, K., & von Staden, P. (2017). Towards micro-foundations of institutional change: lessons from Douglass C. North’s sociocognitive turn. Journal of Management History, 23(3), 223-240. DOI: 10.1108/JMH-03-2017-0011
  • Segal, S., & Bruce, K. (2017). Breaking the chains of ignorance: manager-philosophers in recent management history. Journal of Management History, 23(2), 118-132. DOI: 10.1108/JMH-02-2017-0006
  • Bruce, K. (2016). Management science, planning, and demand management. Journal of Management History, 22(2), 171-198. DOI: 10.1108/JMH-10-2015-0203
  • von Staden, P., & Bruce, K. D. (2015). Original and new institutional economics: Brethren rather than foes? Lessons from the Sociocognitive turn in "late" Douglass North. Journal of Economic Issues, 49(1), 111-125.
  • Bruce, K. D. (2015). Activist Manager: The enduring contribution of Henry S. Dennison to management and organization studies. Journal of Management History, 21(2), 143-171.
  • Nyland C., Bruce, K. D., & Burns, P. (2014). Taylorism, the International Labour Organization and the Diffusion of Codetermination. Organization Studies, 35(8), 1149-1169.
  • Bruce, K. D., & Nyland, C. (2011). Elton Mayo and the Deification of Human Relations. Organization Studies, 32(3), 383-405.
  • Bruce, K. D. (2007). Early Labor Economics: Its Debt to the Management Practice of Henry S. Dennison. History of Political Economy, 39(3), 403-433.
  • Bruce, K. D., & Jordan, J. (2007). Between Markets and Hierarchies: Towards a Better Taxonomy of Hybrid Organisational Forms?. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 19(1), 7-16.
  • Bruce, K. D., & Jordan, J. (2007). Introduction: Governance, Competence, and Knowledge based Perspective on the Firm. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 19(1), 1-5.
  • Bruce, K. D. (2006). Activist Management: Henry S. Dennison's Institutionalist Economics. Journal of Economic Issues, 40(4), 1113-1136.
  • Bruce, K. D. (2006). Henry S. Dennison, Elton Mayo, and Human Relations historiography. Management and Organizational History, 1(2), 177-199.
  • Bruce, K. D. (2005).  Frank W. Taussig's Institutionalism. Journal Of Economic Issues, 39(1), 205-220.
  • Bruce, K. D. (2005). Magnus Alexander, the Economists and the Issue of Labour Turnover. Business History, 47(4), 493-510.

Book chapters

  • Bruce, K.D.,& Nyland, C. (2017), “Human Relations” In A. Wilkinson, S. Armstrong & M. Lounsbury (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Management: Management – Past, Present and Future. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Bruce, K.D. (2016), Frederick Taylor and Scientific Management Re-appraised. In B. Bowden & D. Lamond (Eds.), Management History: Its Global Past and Present.
  • Bruce, K. D. (2013). "George Elton Mayo", In M. Witzel & M. Warner (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Management Theorists(pp. 94-112). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Nyland, C., & Bruce, K. D. (2012). "Democracy or Seduction: The Demonization of Scientific Management and the Deification of Human Relations", In N. Lichtenstein & E. Tandy Shermer (Eds.), The Right and Labor in America: Politics, Ideology, and Imagination (Politics and Culture in Modern America) (pp. 42-76). Philadelphia, USA:  University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • Trahair, R. C. S., & Bruce, K. D. (2012). "Human Relations and Management Consulting: Elton Mayo and Eric Trist", In M. Kipping & T. Clark (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Management Consulting (pp. 51-70). Oxford, UK:  Oxford University Press.
  • Bruce, K. D. (2006). "Globalisation and Institutional Change in the Australian Labour Market", In K.C. Roy & J. Sideras (Eds),Institutions, Globalisation and Empowerment (pp. 308-326). UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Conference papers

  • Bruce, K.D. & Nyland, C. (2017). The Scientific Management-Human Relations Succession and the Rate of Profit. British Academy of Management Conference, Warwick University, UK.
  • Nyland, C. & Bruce, K. D. (2016). The Rate of Profit and the Scientific Management-Human Relations Succession. EGOS Colloquium. Naples, Italy: EGOS.
  • Nyland, C. & Bruce, K. D. (2015). The Displacement of Scientific Management by Human Relation: A Marxian Analysis. EGOS Colloquium. Athens, Greece: EGOS.
  • Rolfe, I., Bruce, K., & Groeger, L. (2014). Firms Do Not Choose Business Models: Business Models Choose Firms. 34th SMS Annual International Conference: Strategies in a World of Networks (pp. 1-8). Madrid, Spain: Strategic Management Society.
  • Nyland, C., & Bruce, K. D. (2012). Scientific management, the ILO, and the evolution of management theory. 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting (pp. 1-47). Boston, USA: Academy of Management (AoM).
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