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We have a strong focus on building and maintaining solid corporate relationships with leading corporations that are passionate about executive education.

Access to talent

Recruiters, Employers, Management Consultants and Executive Search Consultants will find MGSM graduates successful business professionals eager to shape the world. They bring maturity, talent and an average of seven years’ management experience, which is why MGSM is consistently ranked in the world’s top business schools for student calibre.

To engage with our students and alumni about employment opportunities, contact MGSM career services on +61 2 9850 8994 or execareers@mgsm.edu.au

Corporate research partnerships

Corporate research partnerships give industry and government an opportunity to benefit directly from the experience, skills and expertise of MGSM scholars and business professionals. 


The MGSM alumni community is a dynamic one that connects more than 16,500 influential and like-minded professionals from a broad range of sectors and vocations based around the world. We strongly encourage our alumni to remain engaged and enjoy a lifelong relationship with MGSM.

My Alumni

Community outreach

Working together to revitalise economies, generate jobs and rebuild healthy communities plays an important part in enabling others to share in an MGSM learning experience.

We help our students, alumni, faculty and local organisations collaborate to generate community support and positive changes through:

  • Job training and counselling to reduce unemployment
  • Mentoring programs
  • Financial assistance for charitable causes and Indigenous community needs
  • Campus outreach involving faculty and students
  • Pro-bono activities
  • Support of the arts.
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