Research partnerships

Research partnerships

Corporate research partnerships give industry and government an opportunity to benefit directly from the experience, skills and expertise of MGSM scholars and business professionals.

Advance your business with MGSM research

Just some of the research partnership services we can help your organisation with include:

  • Providing expert opinion, advice and consultancy services
  • Transferring knowledge and technology into new products and services
  • Working on problems of common interest
  • Performing data analysis to boost business performance 
  • testing and modelling to improve processes and products
  • advanced theory, practical benefits.

Most importantly, our approach to all research activity and consultancy:

  • Ensures advancements in theory inform and relate to your practical knowledge and techniques
  • Will have an immediate and useful impact in developing your tools, skills, knowledge and practices.

Areas we specialise in

MGSM Research can partner with you in a wide range of business management areas. Our greatest research strengths relate to leadership, global mindset, sustainable value and good citizenship. They encompass:

  • Branding
  • Investment Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Investment Management
  • Carbon Trading
  • Leadership and Organisational Change
  • Change Management
  • Logistics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Managerial Skills and Behaviour
  • Corporate Social responsibility
  • Marketing
  • Customer Relationships
  • Organisational Performance
  • Financial Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Power
  • Sustainable Leaders

Prominent corporate research partners

Amongst our wide network research partners are some of the world's most influential organisations and leading global academic intuitions, such as:

  • St George Bank
  • National Australia Bank
  • Australian Business Foundation
  • ASIC 
  • Industry and Investment NSW 
  • Henley Management College
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Hong Kong Management Association 
  • University of Goettingen Germany
  • Mahidol University Thailand.

Examples of research partnerships

Meet some of MGSM's star researchers. Learn about their experience and some of their projects:

Find a research expert in your industry

Search for an MGSM scholar and leading business professional in your industry or field of research need. 

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