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Partnering for leadership diversity

Kristina Keneally - women in MBA program

The Hon Kristina Keneally, Director of Gender Inclusion and Adjunct Professor

We are seeking to achieve 50/50 gender balance in domestic student enrolments and intake through its Women in MBA (WiMBA) corporate partnerships.

As part of our WiMBA initiative, we have partnered with corporates to financially support future female business leaders to complete an MBA.

To date this is close to a $4 million investment from MGSM – the largest ever investment from an Australian business school in the postgraduate business education of women.


Based on the findings of research we conducted which found that time and cost are the primary barriers for women in completing MBA study, the Women in MBA (WiMBA) corporate partnership encourages diversity in leadership by partnering with corporate and government organisations to identify their top female employees and support them through an MBA.

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It is expected that the recipients will complete the degree part time and within four years of date of enrolment.

The partnership has three key components:

  1. Financial – MGSM will match the contribution of the corporate partner dollar for dollar (up to 50 per cent). See costs related to the MGSM MBA.
  2. On-the-ground – the employer will provide practical support to enable the recipient to attend class, undertake additional study and group work and complete assignments.
  3. Guidance and advice – the employer will pair recipients with in house mentors/sponsors to provide them with guidance, support and advice throughout their MBA program and also in helping them to develop their post-MBA career pathway.

How to apply:

If you are interested in a Women in MBA corporate partnership:

  1. your employer must first agree to become a corporate partner with MGSM in order to support you by contributing up to 50 per cent towards the cost of completing the MBA
  2. your employer must also outline your leadership potential within the organisation and make a case for supporting you through the WiMBA corporate partnership
  3. as a starting point, we recommend speaking with your line manager or HR team about the initiative and your own leadership goals. 

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