About MGSM Research

About MGSM Research

MGSM Research has a clear goal.  To provide candidates, faculty and collaborators the exceptional services they need to create internationally recognised knowledge that makes a difference.

MGSM Research aims to do this within the realms of leadership, global mindset, sustainable value and good citizenship.

World-rated management research

Our researchers' high calibre work is renowned throughout Australia and overseas. At the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 initiative, MGSM research in business management received a 'performance at world standard' rating. While The Economist recently ranked MGSM one of the top business schools in the world.

A vibrant, internationally recognised research culture

MGSM Research actively:

  • Retains and recruits researchers of the highest calibre and potential
  • Attracts the world's best research students
  • Develops the highest quality Doctoral programs
  • Fosters a research environment where scholars can flourish and develop
  • Encourages collaboration, nationally and internationally
  • Partners with other research institutions, corporate and government organisations
  • Publishes and presents high quality international standard research
  • Delivers services and facilities needed for outstanding research.

And while doing this, we ensure that our theoretical advancements:

  • Inform and relate to practical knowledge and techniques
  • Have an immediate and useful impact in developing tools, skills, knowledge and practice for our research partners
  • Benefit business and society beyond.

The MGSM research team

MGSM has a dedicated Research Office which functions to assist researchers and academics with all aspects of their research.  The MGSM Research Office also assists HDR candidates with all aspects of their candidature including application, enrolment, progression and completion according to Macquarie University and MGSM policies, procedures and guidelines.

The MGSM Research Office is located at the MGSM North Ryde campus in Stage 3 (Building E14B), Office 154.  For general enquiries please contact us on +61 2 9850 9038 or at  research@mgsm.edu.au .

Alternatively you can contact the MGSM Research Team Members below:

Dr Vito Mollica - Director, Higher Degree Research

T: 02 9850 9097
E: vito.mollica@mgsm.edu.au

Kerry Daniel - Research Office Executive

T: 02 9850 7732
E: kerry.daniel@mgsm.edu.au

Asal Accardo - HDR Candidate Liaison Officer

T: 02 9850 9038
E: asal.accardo@mgsm.edu.au

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