Current research candidates

Current research candidates

The Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) is delighted to have more than 50 candidates currently enrolled in our Doctoral program.

Our research candidates are at the forefront of international research in a range of areas, from leadership transformation to corporate sustainability and business model innovation. View the profiles below to learn more about the diverse research interests of our Doctoral candidates.


A to L of surnames

  • Justin Bercich
    • Thesis title: HFT & Market Microstructure
  • Kate Booth
    • Thesis title: Strategy, Leadership and Change: Embedding Disruptive Transformation in High Velocity Environments.
  • Richard Green
    • Thesis title: Signs of Alignments - the link between the self reflection of a leader and organisational health.
  • Peter Johnson
    • Thesis title: The Role of Risk in Organisational Sustainability.
  • Jacqueline Kenney
    • Thesis title: The Aesthetics of Power: Working Cultures of Knowledge
  • Elizabeth King
    • Thesis title: An investigation of the relationship between intrapersonal meta skills and leadership effectiveness in complex environments.

M to R of surnames

  • Anne Matheson
    • Thesis title: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological description of the affects of not feeling 'good enough' on performance in the workplace.
  • Michelle Muchatuta
    • Thesis title: Gender inequity in design: do workplace environments perpetuate and reinforce unconscious gender bias?
  • Eugenio Piazza
    • Thesis title: Three essays in securities market microstructure and interest rates
  • Iain Rolfe
    • Thesis title: The business model as a complex adaptive system: affects of ubiquitous interconnection and autonomous production capability

S to Z of surnames

  • Bradley Sayer
    • Thesis title: Stakeholder management – aligning managerial approaches, objectives and value creation
  • Sandeep Shastri
    • Thesis title: Leadership development models for services industry in growth markets like India.
  • Tom Steffen
    • Thesis title: Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities: Interdependencies of the Spot Market and its Financial Derivatives
  • Matt Sykes
    • Thesis title: Toward a Causal Framework for HR and Management Practices, and Performance Outcomes
  • Justine Wang
    • Thesis title: Whether Residential Property Markets in Australia and China are overpriced, reached bubble positions?
  • Karen Wang
    • Thesis title: The impact of Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect on Market Quality
  • Jun Wen
    • Thesis title: The Impact of Modern Trading Scheme on the Capital Market Efficiency
  • Yibing (Ebin) Zhang
    • Thesis title: A Framework of Mobile Learning Within Chinese Business Settings: An elaboration of socio-cultural models of learning
  • Zeyang (Ivy) Zhou
    • Thesis title: A Micro Level Examination Of The Relation Between Real Estate And Equity Markets: Persistence, Volatility And Systemic Risk.
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