Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King


BSc, MBA, MHRM and Coaching

Thesis Title

An investigation of the relationship between intrapersonal meta skills and leadership effectiveness in complex environments.

Contact Details

Email: elizabeth.king@students.mq.edu.au

Research Statement

I have spent my career applying research in pharmaceutical companies and general corporate setting as both a business manager and consultant . This is my first formal research qualification. My thesis current project investigates the link between effective leadership performance and underlying intrapersonal skills – referred to as meta-skills. The literature suggests that intrapersonal skills (meta-skills) such as self-leadership ,mindfulness  emotional intelligence , and self-development capacity, play an important role in leadership effectiveness, particularly in complex changing environments. However, the relationship between these intrapersonal skills and leadership performance is not clearly understood, suggesting leadership development can be enhanced with greater research attention to this relationship .

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