Richard Green

Richard Green


BA Music University of South Australia, Grad Dip Ed, University of South Australia, Grad Dip Pastoral Guidance Catholic University Sydney, M.A.T.S Syd

Thesis Title

Signs of Alignments - the link between the self reflection of a leader and organisational health.

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Research Statement 

Considering issue of reflexivity and the connection to "crisis" and "peak experiences" in the role of reflexivity. Exploring both the usefulness and limitations of "feedback" loops as described in Schon & Argyris' work considering their focus on Espoused Theory and Theory-in-use. Using work by Heidegger, Cooperider's AI theory and Photo Language as a way of inquiring into the the mechanisms of reflection and how significant and issue it is in organisational leadership and health and how feedback really works, if at all, and how the alignment between implicit and explicit actionable knowledge occurs.

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