Iain Rolfe

Iain Rolfe


Bachelor of Business Studies : Massey University (NZ) Master of Commerce Degree : Wollongong University MBA : Henley Business School (United Kingdom)

Thesis Title

The business model as a complex adaptive system: affects of ubiquitous interconnection and autonomous production capability

Contact Details

Email: iain.rolfe@students.mq.edu.au 

Research Statement

Iain is investigating how the disruptive technologies of ubiquitous interconnection (broad connection of people and objects) and autonomous production capability (the ability for consumers to self produce physical items of economic value; typically referred to by practitioners as the "maker movement”) affect individual firms business models and business models more generally as they interact together to form a complex adaptive system. Of particular interest is how individual firms have used the trends to innovate their business models in order to complete in the open marketplace and the reaction of the system of interacting business models over time.

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