Mehrdokht Pournader

Mehrdokht Pournader


B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from IUST, M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from IUST

Thesis Title

Identification and Analysis of Operational and Behavioral Risks Emerging and Propagating in Supply Chains: A Multi-Method Approach

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Research Statement

Mehrdokht is focusing on an emerging research domain of behavioural supply chain management and its intersection with supply chain risk management.  Mehrdokht particularly focuses on the application of multi-methods to find out how cognitive biases and heuristics and social psychology affect judgment and decision-making with regards to operational risks in supply chains.  She presented her research at world-class managerial conferences, including Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (Dec. 2014), Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting (Nov. 2014) and also workshopped her research papers in top business schools in Australia.  Her recent research efforts resulted into publications in some leading international outlets such as International Journal of Project Management and Journal of Business Ethics(Forthcoming).  Mehrdokht has already conducted research studies in large corporations in Iran in terms of identifying and assessing major operational and behavioural risk drivers in servicing and manufacturing supply chains and she aims to extend her research to incorporate global and domestic Australian industrial and services sectors as well.

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