Michelle Muchatuta

Michelle Muchatuta


  • Bachelor of Law (LLB) – Murdoch University
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) - College of Law

Thesis Title

Gender inequity in design: do workplace environments perpetuate and reinforce unconscious gender bias?

Contact Details

Email: michelle.muchatuta@kaplan.edu.au

Research Statement

We make assumptions about the causes of workplace gender outcomes that do not quite match the facts. For instance, Australia remains a notable laggard in OECD countries in regards to equitable workplace gender outcomes (Gilmore, 2015), despite the widespread implementation of workplace gender equity policy since the mid 1980s. Recent research has recently attributed the glacial pace at which equitable workplace outcomes are being achieved in Australia to "a systemic failure by corporations to address their monoculture and dismantle glass ceilings," (MacDonald, 2014 p11). This dissertation considers whether Australia's reliance on governance, legal, political structures and accountability arrangements explains its shortcomings in promoting and catalysing workplace gender equity gains (defined as gender equity in income, quality of work and family care responsibilities). The candidate will investigate this hypothesis by examining how implicit bias inherent in workplace players (employees, including leaders) affects workplace gender equity outcomes. This dissertation will use implicit and explicit measures in novel ways to investigate strategies aimed at advancing workplace gender equity.

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