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Professor Richard Petty

Executive Director International, Professor in Management (Accounting & Finance)

BCom (Hons and University Medal) (UWS), MCom (Hons) (UNSW), PhD (Macq), FCPA (Life Member), CMA

Teaching Areas
  • Accounting, Banking & Finance
Research Area Affiliations
  • Finance

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Research Statement

Professor Petty is on the Management Board of the Australian Accounting Review, and on the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Accounting Literature and The Journal of Intellectual Capital.  He has authored over 100 academic outputs on topics relating to the economy, the accounting profession, corporate governance, and financial management.  Professor Petty’s academic work has appeared in The Australian Accounting Review, The Journal of Management Accounting Research, The Journal of Intellectual Capital and The Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal. Professor Petty has won awards as a researcher and as a reviewer of research.

Contribution to Management Education

Professor Petty has developed a large number of corporate and executive education programs for leading companies throughout the world.  He was the top ranked presenter for corporate and executive programs at the AGSM 2000-2003 and the top ranked faculty in teaching at the University of Hong Kong 2001-2004.  He is the recipient of several awards for excellence in tertiary, corporate and executive education.

Contribution to Management Practice

Professor Petty is Immediate Past President and Chairman of the Board of CPA Australia; Chairman of Hong Kong’s Best Reporting Awards; Chairman of an investment company that is headquartered in Hong Kong but has interests throughout South East Asia, North America and in Australia.  He also serves on several other Company Boards as well as on the Boards of several charitable foundations.

Media Topics

  • Capital Market Effects of Voluntary Disclosures
  • Valuation Issues
  • Measurement and Management of Intangible Assets
  • Director Interlocks and Mimetic Isomorphism
  • Economic Impact Analysis



journal articles

  • Petty, R. (2014). Making the Asian Century the Australasian Century for Australia's accounting profession. Academic leadership series, 5, 27-42.
  • Gillis, P., Petty, R., & Suddaby, R. (2014) The transnational regulation of accounting : insights, gaps and an agenda for future research. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 27(6), 894-902.
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book chapters

  • Cuganesan, S. & Petty, R. (2010). "Intellectual Capital Measurement and Reporting: Issues and Challenges for Multinational Organizations". In K.J. O'Sullivan (Ed.), Strategic Intellectual Capital Management in Multinational Organizations: Sustainability and Success (pp. 75-94). USA: IGI Global Publishing.
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Conference papers

  • Carlin, T., Finch, N., & Petty, R. (2007). Early Impressions of Australia's Brave New World of Goodwill Impairment. Annual Conference of the British Accounting Association (pp.1-24). London, United Kingdom: British Accounting Association BAA.
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  • Petty, R., & Guthrie, J. (1999). There is no Accounting for Intellectual Capital in Australia: review of annual reporting practices and the internal measurement of Intangibles within Australian organisations. OECD and Government of the Netherlands sponsored conference on ‘Measuring and Reporting Intellectual Capital'. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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