Custom Programs

Custom Programs

Executive Education: programs customised for you

Many of our clients want programs specifically designed for their organisation. The need to customise a program can stem from:

The values of the organisation

A customised program can support and link to organisational values.

An organisation's leadership and executive competencies

Programs can be designed to build capability for individuals, teams and for the organisation as a whole.

Market and business challenges

Diagnosis of the challenges facing the business can enable a customised program to address the organisational barriers and gaps that are preventing leaders and the business from achieving its goals.

Silo versus collaboration

Provides a forum for In depth analysis and leadership discussion of the challenges facing the organisation and encourage leaders to collaborate.

Business as usual versus innovation

We focus both on creating the space to embed innovation within your organisation and on providing the tools with which to implement it.

Unique organisational processes

A customised program can link to existing organisational processes such as performance management processes or leadership assessment.

Customisation process

Executives and leaders who attend our customised programs can be assured the development of the program has moved through a detailed customisation process that includes:


An in depth learning needs diagnosis session which is held with key leaders within the business to identify what needs to be included in the program design.


Using data and information collected in the diagnosis phase we design a customised program for the organisation. For instance a program could be designed in modular format i.e. three modules over 12 months, or learning is embedded and enhanced through online learning or executive coaching.


Facilitators delivering the program have been selected during the diagnosis and design process for their practical industry experience as well their academic excellence. Likewise guest speakers are also carefully selected to challenge thinking and provide insight. We can also include organisational subject matter experts to reinforce key organisational insights, strategy and expectations.


The end point of a customised program offering is the evaluation process which helps an organisation understand the return on investment. Our standard approach is to evaluate the program impact in terms of changed behaviours, new knowledge and modified beliefs.

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