Open programs

Open programs

Our open programs:


Effective leader

Leadership skills are distinctly different from those required of managers. Leadership requires new ways of thinking, style and approach. It also requires a more active approach to self-development.


Designing thinking

Innovation concepts such as Wicked Problems, Design Thinking, Stealth Innovation, Minimum Viable Product and Whole of Organisation Change are increasingly being recognised as essential by market leaders for the effective development of a clear point of difference.

Management and strategy

Andrew Mikhail

Stepping up into management and embarking on a successful managerial career requires a range of fresh skills and a rich understanding of business issues and leadership skills.

Communication and interpersonal skills


These programs help validate your current instincts, but also push your personal boundaries and accelerate your professional development for greater long-term success for you, your team and your organisation.


Tony CarltonOur targeted finance programs have been tailored for busy executives and senior managers who want to expand their business acumen to include strategic financial analysis.

How we work with individuals

Enabling your growth and career development is central to our purpose.

You might be looking to:

  • Step into a leadership or management role
  • Manage the demands of a new role
  • Reinforce your on-the-job learning with formal education
  • Develop cross-functional capability
  • Enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

I really came away from the program feeling empowered to be a great manager. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Customers tell us our comprehensive portfolio of open programs gives them the opportunity to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills, with a group of cross-industry peers.  They also appreciate our programs are experiential and informed by current research.

It was a great opportunity to get an insight into the latest teaching in management in innovation – things have moved on since my MBA.

It is rare to participate in a program that delivers at both the personal level and the conceptual. I have much to reflect on, and new skills to use with my clients.

Instantly usable, support for why my stuff works when it does, falls flat when it doesn’t and what I can do to bridge the gap and take it much further.

Open programs calendar 2019

Leadership programs

DateProgramDaysVenue Price incl. GST Wallet points
25-28 Mar 2019 The Effective Leader 4 North Ryde $5990 10
9-11 Apr 2019 The New Leader 3 North Ryde $4990 8
27-30 May 2019 The Influential Leader 4 City $7990 14
20-21 June 2019 The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance 2 City $3600 6
3-4 July 2019Leading Through Change2North Ryde$36006
23-26 Sept 2019The Effective Leader4North Ryde$599010
22-24 Oct 2019The New Leader3North Ryde$49908
31 Oct-1 Nov 2019The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance2City$36006
11-14 Nov 2019The Influential Leader4City$799014

Management and strategy programs

DateProgramDaysVenue Price incl. GST Wallet points
3-8 Mar 2019 Foundations of General Management 6 North Ryde $9990 16
1-2 May 2019 Winning Strategies 6 North Ryde $3850 6
14-15 May 2019 Strategic Thinking 6 North Ryde $3850 6
8-13 Sep 2019Foundations of General Management6North Ryde$999016
15-16 Oct 2019Strategic Thinking6North Ryde$38506
29-30 Oct 2019Winning Strategies6North Ryde$38506

Innovation programs

DateProgramDaysVenue Price incl. GST Wallet points
13-15 Mar 2019 Design Thinking Accelerator 3 City $4990 8
26-27 Mar 2019 Navigating Wicked Problems 2 North Ryde $3600 6
21-23 May 2019 Design Thinking 3 North Ryde $4990 8
22-23 Aug 2019Navigating Wicked Problems2North Ryde$36006
25-27 Sep 2019Design Thinking Accelerator3City$49908
20-22 Nov 2019Design Thinking3North Ryde$49908

Interpersonal programs

DateProgramDaysVenue Price incl. GST Wallet points
12-13 Mar 2019 Communicating with Presence and Impact 2 North Ryde $3600 6
30 Apr-1 May 2019 Applying Emotional Intelligence 2 North Ryde $3600 6
18-19 Jun 2019 Resilience at Work 2 City $3600 6
23-24 July 2019Breakthrough Negotiations2North Ryde$23004
30-31 Oct 2019Applying Emotional Intelligence2North Ryde$36006
7-8 Nov 2019Communicating with Presence and Impact2North Ryde$36006
2-3 Dec 2019Resilience at Work2City$36006

Finance programs

DateProgramDaysVenue Price incl. GST Wallet points
27-28 Feb 2019 Finance for Non-Finance Managers 2 City $3600 6
6-7 March 2019Corporate Finance for Senior Executives2City$36006
3-4 Jun 2019 Modelling Financial Statements 2 City $3600 6
2-3 Jul 2019 Financing Large Scale Investments 2 City $3600 6
13-14 August 2019Corporate Finance for Senior Executives2City$36006
29-30 Aug 2019Finance for Non-Finance Managers2City$36006
18-19 Nov 2019Financing Large Scale Investments2City$36006
2-3 Dec 2019Modelling Financial Statements2City$36006

Our programs help push your personal boundaries and accelerate your professional development for greater long-term success for you, your team and your organisation.  

How can I learn which program is right for me?

There is rarely a simple answer to this important question. Our team is here to discuss your career aspirations and performance goals. With that information we can assist you in selecting a program that will focus on the skills and competencies that will support you in reaching those goals.

Connect with a consultant today so that we can assist you in selecting the optimal program for your individual needs.

The MGSM Wallet

Investing in an MGSM Wallet allows your organisation access to significant discounts on Open Programs, as well as enabling simple allocation of your budget and a streamlining of the registration process.

Exclusive alumni benefit

Macquarie University and MGSM alumni receive a special 20% discount on course enrolment. Please inquire with the Executive Education team to receive your discount code.

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