Concepts and tools for innovation

MGSM offers a suite of relevant programs that will help you learn about the various emergent innovation concepts and tools. Even more importantly, we demonstrate how to select and apply the best concept, skill or tool to the many differing business needs and circumstances of leaders, teams and organisations to get much better results.

Innovation concepts such as Wicked Problems, Design Thinking, Stealth Innovation, Minimum Viable Product and Whole of Organisation Change are increasingly being recognised as essential by market leaders for the effective development of a clear point of difference.

Innovation tools such as Business Model Canvas, MGod, Skunkworks and Crowdsourcing are becoming mainstream for a lot of sectors looking for growth.

Programs we offer:

Design Thinking

Designing thinkingThis hands-on program is designed to introduce you to a dynamic new way of approaching business conundrums: Design Thinking.

Design Thinking Accelerator

Design thinkingThis program will magnify your design thinking skills, coach you through running short introductory design thinking workshops, as well as prepare you to set up your own design thinking project.

Navigating Wicked Problems

Designing thinkingThis program is designed to provide the frameworks, tools and techniques needed to navigate in environments defined by ambiguity, where clear problem definitions and solutions do not exist.

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