Leadership skills are distinctly different from those required of managers.

Leadership requires new ways of thinking, style and approach. It also requires a more active approach to self-development.

Enduring themes within our Leadership Programs include:

  • Enhancing interpersonal relationships
  • Enabling you to meet business objectives
  • Supporting you to confidently build and lead a team
  • Equipping you to navigate change or adapt during a transition

The Influential Leader

Ros WilliamsThe Influential Leader program focuses on leading and influencing in the ever-changing 21st century organisational world. It is specifically designed for those who are moving into a more strategic leadership role with a larger span of responsibility and influence.

The Effective Leader

Effective leaderThe Effective Leader program provides a searching assessment of your personal style of leadership, examining local to organisation wide perspectives on leadership and delivering practical solutions to improve performance.

The New Leader

New leaderThe New Leader program provides participants a clear understanding of the core elements of successful leadership.

Leading Through Change

Leading through changeThis practical program focuses on all levels of change impact. It builds confidence in managing change for you as an individual manager, through to your direct reports and the organisation as a whole.

The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance

Kristen HansenThis program aims to transform you into an agile leader of change and performance. Through a combination of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, collaboration, insights and coaching, you’ll be inspired to lead others to peak performance.

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