Management & Strategy

Management & Strategy

Stepping up into management and embarking on a successful managerial career requires a range of fresh skills and a rich understanding of business issues and leadership skills.

Active learning – using real case studies from Australia and around the world – forms the basis of our management programs. This allows you to observe and analyse first-hand the complex issues, constraints, demands and decision-making involved in effective strategy and management – and to exercise the leadership skills you will need to succeed.

Foundations of General Management

Facilitator of the effective leaderFoundations of General Management is designed to prepare General Managers or functional managers  - ready to step up to a cross-functional role - to face the challenges of leadership today.

Strategic Thinking

Norman Chorn

This program addresses approaches to strategic thinking and decision making in conditions of
uncertainty, and how strategists can achieve alignment between their values, organisational culture and strategy.

Winning Strategies

Marc Jones

This program addresses the concepts, techniques, and frameworks fundamental to the development and delivery of winning strategies.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

New leaderFinance for Non-Finance Managers is an interactive and practical program designed to equip business managers with the capacity and insight to make decisions that yield better financial results.

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