Winning Strategies

Winning Strategies

This program addresses the concepts, techniques, and frameworks fundamental to the development and delivery of winning strategies.

The focus of this program is on building a shared understanding and language around strategy in order to drive better (and faster) decisions, tighter alignment, and superior performance.

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Date Time Location Enrol
1 - 2 May 2019All dayNorth Ryde CampusRegister
29 - 30 October 2019All dayNorth Ryde CampusRegister

Cost: A$3,600.00

MGSM Wallet points: 6

Who is it for?

This program is designed for:

  • Business leaders responsible for setting and delivering strategies at the enterprise or business unit level – and those who advise them
  • Consultants who want to expand their expertise portfolio
  • Functional managers who want to increase their enterprise wide understanding
  • High potentials who want to fast track their careers.

Benefits and outcomes

Participants will learn to:

  • More accurately map the competitive landscape and exercise superior ‘peripheral vision’ to pickup on ‘weak signals’ early in order to promote strategic agility
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges associated with innovation and disruption
  • Articulate what ‘growth’ means in terms of its product-market, geographic, and temporal dimensions
  • Improve the quality of strategic thinking and decision making.


Professor Marc Jones is a strategic management researcher, advisor, and facilitator with extensive international experience.

His work integrates research from decision theory, economics, and
organisation studies and addresses:

  • Strategy as an emergent process balancing intent and opportunism in a dynamic limited information environment
  • Innovation as an outcome of ‘good strategy’, effective leadership, enabling culture, and iterative process
  • Performance as a result of minimising friction in translating strategy – explaining the ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ – across and down the organisation.

Marc has published over fifty journal articles as well as three books in the areas of business strategy, globalisation, and corporate social responsibility.

His original contributions have been recognised by the International Management Development Association (USA), the Corporate Responsibility Research Society (UK), and in the series Sage Major Works: Corporate Social Responsibility.

Marc is currently a Professor at the University of Sydney, a Fellow of the Ashridge Business School (UK), an Associate of MGSM, and the Director of Acme Strategy Group.

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