Testimonials from past participants

Testimonials from past participants

You have to do it — it will unlock the way you think about problems and help you thrive in chaos!

Annick Donat, CEO, Madison Financial Group on "Navigating Wicked Problems"

Such an amazing program – by far one of the best that I’ve been a part of in my career! So good in fact that I’d love to get more people involved.

Capability Manager, Telecommunication Company

Course material was excellent and engaging. Good mix of individual and team work. Lectures were broken up with relevant examples.

Chris Allen Fiscal Policy Branch, Department of Prime Minister

The real-world examples were great as well the presenter's ability to make me challenge my own thoughts.

Ben Seedsman Manager Major Implementation, Commonwealth Bank

I really came away from the program feeling empowered to be a great manager. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Jenny Rushton Retail Support Manager, Red Group Retail

I would like to thank MGSM very sincerely for the opportunity. It was a most interesting course and presented expertly.

Geoff Berry Managing Director, The Berry Group

I found the presenters engaging, passionate and human. The content and case studies varied across many industries and gave me great insight into how basic strategy done well is the key to success.

Lindsay Rubelj Business Support Manager, Westpac

Great balance, very engaging. This program was so practical; I could relate the content to different aspects of my professional and personal life at every point.

Sarah Whittington Community Relations Manager, Vodafone Hutchinson

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