Research support

Research support

A supportive intellectual environment motivates the most innovative and useful research.

Each year, MGSM makes a considerable investment in its doctoral community, giving students access to a vast range of facilities, events, training, and academic and industry experts that expand their knowledge, skills and experiences.

With our far-reaching financial, technical and social assistance, achieving your goals becomes an opportunity to explore groundbreaking possibilities of all kinds.

Faculty support

Along with regular meetings with academic supervisors, higher degree candidates meet face-to-face with MGSM’s Director of Higher Degree Research to discuss their progress and challenges.

As a doctoral or higher degree candidate, you are able to access the support available from Macquarie University and will also glean valuable insights and information from the seminars and workshops our faculty and external presenters provide each year.

Infrastructural support

Our work space, equipment and technical support are the latest available to ensure your program of study is wholly supported.

Quiet study rooms and collaborative social spaces enable you to work alone or interact with others. The MGSM research hub, student rooms and computer lab all feature computers. Photocopiers, printers, scanners and phones are accessible in key locations.

Financial support

Candidates can apply for funds to support research activities (including international conference presentations) from two main sources: The MGSM Research Candidature Grant (Currently up to $10 000 over the period of candidature)  and Macquarie University (PGRF). These funds are not automatically granted, but are approved and allocated based on a competitive basis.

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