Management internships

Our Internship Program is where the academic educational experience comes alive.

The internship is an opportunity to put theory into practice, gain new skills, balance competing priorities and learn about a new business or industry first hand.  Students have the opportunity to provide management consulting services pro bono to organisations, including corporate, government and not-for-profit.  The projects are diverse in nature and have included: competitive tendering for Australian government funding, developing strategic business plans, skills auditing at senior management level, product launches, developing a talent management strategy, resolving a long-term problem for a funds manager, etc.

At the completion of the project, students present the results of their findings to the sponsor’s Executive and/or Board.

A written assessment of the project is also required by the academic supervisor for grading purposes.

Learning in a classroom is one aspect, but building the confidence to actually put it into practice on multi-million dollar real case scenarios is what comes from an MGSM MBA.

Rohan Vaz

Sponsoring organisations benefit from the initiative and expertise our high-performing students bring.

See successful internship projects.

The Living Case Study

Part of MGSM’s exceptional MBA curriculum, this intensive, 10-week unit is both challenging and richly rewarding. 

Successful participants work on a major strategic project in an Australian organisation – an exceptional opportunity to exercise new skills and experience the complex issues, competing pressures and different dimensions of business, first-hand.

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