Support for current students

Supporting every student at MGSM is a far-reaching range of resources, from an extensive induction program designed to prepare you for postgraduate study, to a complete Student Services Centre on campus – and a suite of services online.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to get the best start to your program of study and the skills required to go further, both professionally and personally.

Orientation Day

MGSM Orientation Day is an induction day designed to introduce you to the School environment and prepare you for postgraduate study. The day includes; teamwork exercises, an explanation on how to use the online library and research effectively, the correct way to reference material and a myriad of information to help make your MGSM journey as smooth as possible. Plus the day provides an excellent opportunity to network with other students.

Student Services Centre

Advice on all aspects of your award program is available via a single point of contact at our Student Services Centre (SSC).

Trained professionals support your own proactive study management, with assistance in changing, deferring or progressing to a higher program, choosing which units to study, confirming your timetable and much more.

Student website

From course unit outlines and enrolment information, to term planners, textbook lists and timetables, the MGSM student website is an all-inclusive portal of resources essential to your successful program of study. A range of online journals, research databases and articles are all housed on this website and is an essential tool whilst you are studying at MGSM.

The MGSM Student Website is available to current students with a valid Student ID. Once enrolled, students gain access to this site from Student Services.

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